This service is available to everyone as as one-off booking or as an add on to regular grass cutting clients.

Scarification is the mechanical process of removing thatch build-up within the lawn.
Thatch is a natural occurrence as old grass stems die and build up under the grass as they are replaced by new ones but when it builds up it prevents important nutrients water and oxygen from getting to the grass roots and can also create the perfect climate for moss to thrive if left.

Scarification removes most of the surface thatch and moss and is an essential practice of annual Lawn Care usually carried out in spring and autumn; this is timed to allow the lawns recovery as this is a vigorous process for your lawn.

Depending on the build-up in the lawn depends on how many passes we need to make in the lawn, we always recommend following a heavier scarification by having your lawn over-seeded and top-dressed this is due to thinning the lawn out and introducing quality new grass into your lawn along with quality organic topdressing to thicken up the lawn.

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