This is an optional addon service exclusive to regular grass cutting clients only.

Grass plants don’t live forever and their production rate slows down through time; with more aged lawns, they often have areas with weaker or sparse areas of grass and which makes ideal areas for weeds and moss to establish themselves.
The best way to combat moss and weeds establishing in your lawn is to have a thick healthy lawn. We recommend introducing new lawn seed every 3 years ideally in spring or autumn, particularly after having your lawn aerated or scarified.

Sewing new seed will require time and patience as it requires good soil contact, warmth, and plenty of moisture to help it germinate but will be well worth the wait, but we need some customer participation with daily watering for around 4 weeks to help with the germination process of keeping moisture in the lawns.

We will take into account matters such as shaded areas, foot traffic, and soil to determine the best seed to sew along with the type of top dressing to apply.

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