Lawn Mowing

Regular Lawn Mowing

Regular lawn mowing being carried out correctly is just as important to a lawns health as lawn treatments are, carried out incorrectly and it could be causing problems not only to your lawns look but health.
We have seen many cases where lawns have been damaged by others mowing too short or using inadequate machinery for constant commercial use or blunt mower blades causing leaf damage.
Rest assured when you use Lawn Legends to maintain your lawns, you can count on us knowing when to cut the grass at the correct frequency and height according to changes in the season and weather and using a selection of top grade commercial pedestrian mowers.

How often should my lawns be mowed? Regardless of any lawns condition, mowing the lawns more often and taking less off and not the other way around is a starting point for all lawns, with grass growing faster in late spring and summer compared to other seasons. These are the times the lawns should be mowed weekly for the majority of lawns. we offer three lawn mowing plans varying from 32 – 18 visits per year. we would recommend which plan is best suited to your lawn upon initial lawn survey and quote.

With our regular lawn mowing service the outskirts of the lawns and around trees or bankings are strimmed and outer edges machine edged and lawns mowed and any surfaces blown free from any grass clippings leaving the area neat and tidy, as standard any grass is disposed into your garden recycling bin or compost heap although if requiring us to take any grass away to be disposed we can provide you for a quote for this upon request.

In addition to mowing, we can add on optional extra lawn services such as manually carrying out edging around stone borders or re-shaping lawns with a crisp sharp finish or including seasonal lawn treatments and machine work to ensure your lawn is looking its best. we also offer a variety of gardening services, from hedge trimming to weed spraying to autumn leaf clearance, end-of season garden tidies and winter pruning, all of which can be added onto your annual plan if required.

For more details, please email or get in touch via our Contact Page.

Regular Lawn Mowing Plans

32 visit plan

This plan is designed to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy all season long.
running from March to November, consisting of 4 fortnightly visits and 28 weekly visits
Payments can be made by either monthly direct debit or standing order.

25 visit plan

This is the most popular plan where we attend fortnightly in the low season and weekly from late spring into the summer months.
running from March to November, consisting of 11 fortnightly visits and 14 weekly visits
Payments can be made by either monthly direct debit or standing order.

18 visit plan

If your lawn is more a blanket of moss and weeds than grass with little growth throughout all seasons and don’t want lawns treated but simply want lawns to be kept tidy, then this is the plan for you, we are more than happy to attend on a fortnightly basis march to November to keep everything tidy.
Payments can be made by either monthly direct debit or standing order.