Hard Surface Treatments

Hard Surface Treatments

Keeping your driveways, paths, patios, and gravel areas around your property clear of weeds throughout the season can be a constant challenge if removing by hand or using off-the-shelf weed killer products. These usually are less effective and often find weeds grow back after a few weeks; this is because some of the domestic weed killer products only affects the part of the plant that appears above the surface, leaving the roots untouched and ready to grow back when the weather conditions are right.

We use top-grade commercial grade herbicides that are not available off the shelf in garden centres, the products we use take around 2-4 weeks to kill any weeds as it penetrates the stem of the weed and kills deep into the roots system whereas most weedkillers target the leaf and upper stem.

By law it is an offense for any business to apply herbicides or pesticides without being fully trained and competent in their use and must have undergone an approved training course and fully certified by the nptc before being able to carry out use of such products, you can have piece of mind knowing that we hold both Pa1/Pa6 and hold full nptc certification to carry out these works.

We recommend this service is booked for 3 treatments per annum, usually carried out in spring, summer and autumn

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