Annual Lawn Treatments

Annual Lawn Treatments

We don’t use cheap high nitrogen feeds resulting in lawns with surge growth to give a false impression you have a lush green healthy lawn where in fact it can pose long-term issues with shallow and weak roots. As an independent lawn treatment service, we are able to commercially purchase top-grade products freely from a wide range of top manufacturers directly whose products are not available off the shelf in garden centres, which means we can apply a more varied solution to your lawn leaving it green and healthy instead of taking a one shoe fits all approach imposing high levels of nitrogen.

Our lawn nutrient plans typically consist of 4 visits per year to provide your lawns with a balanced and consistent intake of nutrients and are completely bespoke and tailored to your lawn’s own individual needs. Weed control and moss control can be included
We also recommend scarifying and aerating your lawn, especially if it suffers from a build-up of thatch, moss, or compaction.

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We will start by visiting to carry out a free lawn survey to take a few soil core samples and analyze what issues there may be and will then provide a report with the problems identified and a recommended course of action going forwards.
Some lawns may only need the standard annual treatment plan, whereas other lawns may require some major TLC with some renovation work which could involve moss and weed treatments and some machine work or overseeding and topdressing followed by aftercare.
We can adapt the plan and the products to meet the lawn’s specific needs or your budget. Starting your lawn care plan can be any time of the year – there is no better time to start than now.

Unlike most other lawn treatment services, we offer a wide range of optional add-on services such as gardening services and regular lawn mowing so we can offer a more all-in service if required.